JC Transportation was started by Jim Coleman in 1989. Jim started his career in the transportation industry by driving a tractor trailer in the mid 1970s.

Jim started by pulling reefers around the northeast U.S. in the dairy business and gradually moved into the tanker business in the early 1980s hauling gasoline, chemicals, and petroleum products.

Driving was not enough by the mid 1980s and Jim moved up to become night dispatch and eventually head dispatcher at one of the best tanker carriers in the northeast dispatching liquid and hazardous materials.

In 1989 Jim applied for and received his operating authority from the I.C.C. and began JC Transportation.

Having a dedication to the trucking business and providing outstanding service to his customers the company began to grow and operate throughout the country.

As the family grew, family members started growing up and working in the family business.

Jim continues to stress how important outstanding communication skills are vital to an organization succeeding in producing excellent customer service.

Jim would like to thank his many hundreds of shippers that stuck with him over the years and continue to provide a never ending education in all types of businesses manufacturing and shipping products. Also, for the many opportunities and long term friendships that developed and continue to this day.

We still remain a 100% family owned company for going on 3 decades and continue to grow.

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